Transparent, results-oriented solutions for your success

Our analytical approach offers you first-class solutions from A to Z. We guarantee full transparency for all owners and managers in our activities.

Complete transparency

Gain clear insights into our process and ensure optimal alignment with your goals.

Incomparable expertise

Our team offers extensive experience in investments, transactions, finance and operations for customized solutions.

Strategic cooperation

Together we define goals and requirements for capital, value enhancement and profitability – for innovative solutions and optimization.


Our company presentation

A to Z is Alpha – Zehn, a private investment group with a systematic and transparent approach to identifying undervalued assets or assets in need of development through to restructuring in the small and mid-cap sector in Germany, Austria and Switzerland. It was founded by a group of experienced senior professionals with backgrounds ranging from private equity, mergers and acquisitions, financing, insurance and consulting to former bank board members.


What WE do for YOU

Our approach provides a first-class analysis from A to Z and offers all owners and managers complete transparency in our activities

We are uncompromisingly disciplined in identifying, analyzing, approaching and implementing our goals and preparing detailed strategic and operational improvement and growth initiatives for the unqualified success of the company, but also for the owners and managers.

The Alpha Ten team offers an excellent combination of investment, transaction, financing and operational experience, but also arranges needs – that is, it is not an external consultancy with good ideas, we are the ones in the projects who implement or directly help to achieve what our clients want to achieve through us and with us. Together we identify and define the company’s needs and also the owners’ needs for significant improvements, e.g. increasing capital, the value of the company and even the profitability of the company. It can also concern the introduction of new products or the optimization of business processes.

Comprehensive analysis

Complete analysis from A to Z for clear insights and transparency in your business activities.

Strategic initiatives

Development of detailed strategic and operational improvement and growth initiatives for your sustainable success.

Expert advice

Outstanding combination of investment, transaction, financing and operating experience for customized solutions and direct implementation.

Needs analysis

Joint determination and definition of company and owner needs for significant improvements and value enhancement.

Capital increase

Support in increasing capital and increasing the value of the company for long-term success and profitability.

Process optimization

Introduction of new products and optimization of business processes to increase efficiency and competitiveness.

Success through
Individuality & network

Do you need references? We do not need references – we convince through individuality, experience, network and your success – which is also our success.

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